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¨Wal-Mart , May 11, 1998

“Thank you for exploring the possibility of doing business with Wal-Mart with regard to your very fine book entitled How to Save on Home Driveway Installation or Repair. Without qualification, I can say that this book is the best ‘how to’ book I have ever read.”

-Wayne Easterling
Director of Vendor Development

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¨ George C. Fraser is Chairman & CEO of FraserNet, Inc.

Responsible for Wal-Mart endorsement

¨State of Ohio Office Office of the Governor, November 13, 1996

“I received your letter, book, and video about ‘Home Driveway Installation or Repair’ and I am certain homeowners and businesses can benefit from the good advice in your book on how to choose and deal effectively with contractors.”

-George V. Voinovich
Current Senator of the State of Ohio
Former Governor of the State of Ohio
Former Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio

¨ Cuyahoga County Commissioner

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¨Popular Mechanics, March 31, 1994

I think your book is great! My husband and I were impressed with the easy to follow and precise instructions given for replacing a concrete driveway. Freddie used these instructions to replace a section of concrete sidewalk that had been lifted by tree roots. He did the job in a short time and now our sidewalk looks great! I'm sure your book will be a huge success. Keep up the good work!”

-Barbara Jones
Direct Response Manager

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¨Cleveland Heights - University Heights Public Library  March 17, 1994

“I am pleased to inform that I am ordering copies of your book for our main and branch libraries. Your book fills a definite need in our collection since information on driveway resurfacing is difficult to locate. Your thorough explanation and clear illustrations will make it easy for customers to understand driveway repair.”

-Jeffrey A. French
Adult Services Coordinator

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¨  Neal Baltes - Consumer -  April 12, 1995

"As one of your customers, I can attest to the effect that having a driveway resurfaced is an intimidating event. You and your company took the time to ensure we were comfortable in our decision. The book, video and your personal care made it happen"

Neil & Leslie Baltes

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