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Family Originals Publishing, Inc (FOP) was opened in June1992.  FOP reincorporated Feb 26, 2000.  Family Originals Publishing, Inc. is open, and have successfully completed a 7 year test market: Conducted by Popular Mechanics.  In-house FOP has sold books in over 48 states and have sales and inquiries in other countries.

July 28, 2008

Dear Investor,

When I think about AT&Tís push for a mobile telephone service system back in 1947, Microsoft products, Dell computers, TruGreenís ChemLawn, Beanie Babies by Ty, and even Chia Pets by Joseph Enterprises, Inc., I realize how great ideas might start small but grow to where sky is the limit. New ideas are introduced to the public everyday, but unique ideas are introduced every now and then. For those who invested in unique ideas such as the aforementioned, their investments have proven to be opportunities of a lifetime.Likewise, I have a product that is a once lifetime deal.

The number one investment of a homeowner is his or her home. For owners of commercial buildings or rental properties, the second most important investment is that very property. ..


FOP received a 29.5% response which means we will sell the book to 30 of every 100 homes we advertise to: (Note the Test Market below.

DVD Player & VCR Penetration in U.S. TV Households: Nielsen Media Research

DVD penetration has doubled over the past 5 years, reaching 87% in 2007. In contrast,

VCR penetration has steadily declined over the same span, hitting 79% in 2007.

Similar surveys will show you that DVD sales will be higher

Distributorships are available per city or county,  Don't miss this opportunity.

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